"I have two filters installed in my house from this company and I am very happy with both of them. I am saving lots of money from buying bottled water and the quality of our filtered water is excellent. The quality of service I am receiving once a year is very good and I recommend this company."
Andreas Maratheftis

"Hi, just wanted to thank you for the great service. The advice you gave me was spot on and the system works great. The technician arrived on time, was very efficient and did a clean installation. Water tastes great! Thanks again.''

"As a food industry we needed a professional and appreciable company for the water maintenance in our food industry. MTV Water Services Ltd was there on time when we needed them and provided us with the best quality of water treatment equipment. Even in the case where we made a mistake on the equipment they were there to help us and the level of their service is more than perfect."
Paraskevas Food Industry

"I used to have filters installed by another company at my house and I used to pay around 100 euro every six months to be replaced by them. After a friend of mine that was an existing customer of MTV Water Services Ltd heard me complaining about the huge amount of paying 200 euro per year, he had a look on my filters and said that the special filters they were telling me that they have installed at my residence were just normal filters, he advised me to call MTV. We arranged an appointment and their water specialist came in a few hours, and proposed me to change the existing filters with a much better filter with higher filtration rate and water flow since my water flow was very low. After of two years I am very happy with their perfect service and I am only paying 90 euro per year!!! I strongly recommend this company since they are professionals, always on time and I do not have to worry about overcharging or when the time of the service comes."
Liza Timotheou

"Great service and great quality of products. After the technician visited my house and installed the water filter and the water softener the company has suggested, our drinking water is very clean and we cannot drink any water rather than the water from our under the sink reverse osmosis water filter. The water softener is absolutely amazing. No more scale build up on the taps, on the sinks, on the shower heads, or even when we wash our cars. Thank you MTV Water Services Ltd!!! If I had to choose again definitely you would be my first choice."
Andreas Chatziloizi

"Living in Asomatos village is very nice but the water quality is very very bad. After asking a few of my friends and neighbors, that they also had problems with their drinking water and scale they have all recommended MTV Water Services as the best company for water treatment, and that they were very satisfied with their service and products. I contacted them and installed a reverse osmosis system for my drinking water and a water softener for my domestic use water. I used to change the shower heads and the heating elements of my boiler every 4-5 months. It’s been two years now and still there is no problem. My car does not have any scale spots on it and the bathing with soft water is the best experience ever. I strongly recommend MTV Water Services Ltd to everyone who needs professional products and service."
Periklis Papastylianou

"I never expected water to taste this good."
George Tymvios

"Tap water used to have a weird taste, but now it tastes better than any other mineral water I ever bought"
Elena Tseriotis

"Tap water in Polemidia area where I live, was not very good. After MTV Water Services installed the filter at my house, I am drinking fresh and clean water directly from my tap without chemicals and bad additives"
Athos Boudourakis

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