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MTV Water Services Ltd offers a wide range of services for the industrial work sector, such as industrial water treatment solutions and products, mechanical services, renewable energy solutions, and alternative fuel systems.

Industrial water treatment plants and facilities need professional touch and qualifications to design them and fullfill the construction  of it in order to succeed a productive and trouble free system that will provide to your industry the highest quality of water that will satisfy the highest standards. Our 25 years of professional experience on the field and the numerous designs and installations over those years have established the company among the water treatment leaders in the Cypriot market. We can design and supply custom made water filters, water softeners, reverse osmsosis systems, water disinfection systems and organize monitoring systems for the success of the water treatment facility of your organization, factory, power station, food industry, hotel municipality, school, gym or any kind of industry or even dry cleaner. Your industrial water treatment facility can only be safe with a professional company that has been proven over the years. Contact us and arrange an appointment with one of our water specialists to guide you through the best water treatment solutions for your industry.

Industrial mechanical installations are really important since a failure can stop the whole production line and cause thousands of money income loss. The key for a succesfull industrial installation is the use of high quality products and to be installed under the highest quality standards by professional installers. Our company throughout the years have successfully conducted a wide variety of industrial mechanical installations across Cyprus and helped many companies to improve and upgrade their existing systems with modern and efficient systems. We provide a wide range of heating, cooling, hot water, water management and heat transfer solutions. 

Industrial renewable energy is the most important part for a modern industry and is the key of success for production line. The highest daily investment in an industry, is the daily power consumption for the machines to work and the persons to control them. Since the people cannot be kept away, the power consumption of the industry has to be minimized and this can easily be done with the use of renewable energy that is absolutely given to us by the nature totally free and is up to open minded managers to use it for the benefit of us. Our company is one of the first companies that have been involved in the renewable energy business, and can provide you with geothermal, solar and wind solutions. Arrange an appointment with one of our energy consultants and will show you the way to reduce your power consumption up to 60%.

Industrial heating and cooling have the highest energy consumption percentages on the energy profile pie chart of an industry. The climate of Cyprus tends to become tropical over the years and the need for a professional company to conduct the mechanical installation of your heating/cooling system becomes more important than ever before. In tropical conditions, the way that systems work tends to become more inefficient on cooling as the outside temperatures raise up. Cooling is the most important climate parameter for our climate since we use air conditioning unit 6 months of the year the time that we use heating only 3. An industry though needs to cover its cooling needs the same time as the heating needs for the industrial process of the industry. Our company can offer a wide range of solutions and design in order to provide your industry advanced and efficient systems to be 30%-40% more efficient during cooling, and 60%-70% during heating. Our mechanical engineers will guide you through your options and help you to decide for the best system for your needs and weather conditions.

Industrial Gas - LPG solutions tend to become more famous day by day specially after the new law in Cyprus that allows any car to be converted to dual fuel. LPG is 50% cheaper than petrol and 60% cheaper than diesel. For this reason industries tends to modify their trucks, cars and machines to be running on LPG. From January 2015 we can legally convert our car fleet and machinery to be running on LPG. Our company is specialized and well trained to conduct this kind of installations and is the leader in the Cypriot market on this field. Please feel free to arrange an appointment with one of our gas engineers in order to help you to reduce your fuel costs up to 60% with the combination of different fuel saving technologies. 

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MTV Water Services Ltd is one of the leading water treatment companies in Cyprus. Our 25 years of experience in combination with our superior level of service and the highest quality of products we offer, have established the company to be one if the leading water treatment companies in the island if not the leader.
The company offers a wide range of products and services such as mechanical installations, renewable energy solutions, fuel saving consulting, car Gas - LPG conversions and many many more...  

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